Fresh from the Lab: My First LomoChrome Purple Shots


These are the results of a day of touring Rome with a medium format camera, a roll of Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400, and the fear of failure of development.

At last, I can say that I have already tried the new Lomography film, *LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400*, which can emulate the effects of now-extinct color infrared films. This film, unlike the Kodak EIR for example, can be used as a normal color negative film – just do a standard development for color negative film (C-41) to enjoy the altered colors!

To test this film I used the Yashica MAT 124 because of its excellent performance and ability to take better detail. The location was the Villa Borghese, with all the variety of greenery and beautiful scenery that you can capture there. Another reason why I chose to shoot at a park with the LomoChrome Purple was because the green would turn to purple and red tones, so you get a picture that’s even more surreal.

I loaded the roller on the Yashica to take the first photo, winded the film to ready it for the second. Pressed the shutter, and in less than five minutes I was already at my 12th pose. Damn! It lasted too short, this Purple.

I pulled the film out of the camera, ready to be developed. In this case, I am not a servant of the lab but of self-development, with the hopes of not ruining this dear roll.

I arrived at the darkroom, which is in my bathroom, and started to heat the chemicals for development. In the dark, I put the film into the spiral of the tank. Meanwhile, the chemicals were finally at room temperature (38º) so I started to develop the film.

Well done!

I pulled the film from the spiral and already you can see the images. But I had to wait a couple of hours before I can finally scan them.

Here’s what came out:

Credits: simonesavo

All photos were exposed at 100/200 ISO. I liked it very much because the colors tend to get all violet and blue.

To develop the LomoChrome Purple, I used the Tetenal C-41 Kit 38º with these times:

- Develop Chromogen for 3:30 minutes with rotation of the spiral continues
- Bleach Fix for 6:00 minutes with continuous rotation
- Wash with running water for 3:00 minutes with continuous rotation
- Stabilization for 1:00 minute with continuous rotation

In all, it’s 13:30 minutes of continuous rotation. My arm felt numb, but I was very satisfied with the results!

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