Most Popular LomoWalls of June 2014

2014-07-05 1

LomoWalls are lovely to look at and a joy to create too!

Take your love for showcasing your most prized snapshots to the next level and turn them into LomoWalls. It’s a perfect way to highlight your newest album or your best works into one solid display right in front of your LomoHome’s doorstep.

After seeing our the stunning artistry of our Most Popular LomoWalls of June 2014, we’re sure you’ll be rushing to your own space to create one!

Garçon à la pipe by akula

Haunted Wall by atropaworkshop

Palm by ryszardl70

built edge... by jimjimm

LomoWall #66 by suizidekid

When lightning strikes by sandravo

Chilliwack Lake by llcooldawe

Esphere. by mikeluntzilla

Purple Wonderland by ihave2pillows

Mixtape, baby! by zorki

my little red cute holga by pearlgirl77

POLAROIDS by fadjaradiputra

LaSardina Workshop by linuxbcn

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to these lomographers for having our Most Popular LomoWalls of June 2014!

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