British Authors Dress Up as Their Favorite Literary Character for '26 Characters' Exhibit


Who says playing dress up is just for children? Here are 26 of Britain’s well-loved authors, ditching their pens and papers for a while to pose in front of the camera as their favorite literary characters when they were kids!

In celebration of childhood story heroes, The Story Museum at Oxford, England enlisted photographer Cambridge Jones to photograph popular British authors for its interactive photographic exhibit “26 Characters,” which is currently open to the public. For his part, Cambridge thought of veering from standard portraits and asked his sitters “to have fun by asking them who their favorite character from childhood was and let their imagination run free,” he was quoted as saying by the BBC News.

Photos by Cambridge Jones via BBC News

The result is this fascinating gallery of “rogues and rascals, wizards, witches, and wild things”! As you can see above, you’ll find authors such as Neil Gaiman (“The Sandman” series, “Stardust,” “American Gods”) as the Badger from “Wind in the Willows,” Philip Pullman (“His Dark Materials” trilogy, “The Good Man and the Scoundrel Christ”) as Long John Silver from “Treasure Island,” Anthony Horowitz (the “Alex Rider” and “Power of Five” series) as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Malorie Blackman (“Noughts and Crosses” series) as the Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz,” and Holly Smale (“Geek Girl” series) as the White Witch from “The Chronicles of Narnia.” The costumes were borrowed from the Royal Shakespeare Company and National Theatre.

Oh, and Cambridge himself joined in the fun, dressing up as Biggles from the popular adventure book series by W. E. Johns!

Photo by Cambridge Jones via BBC News

“26 Characters” runs until November 2, 2014 at The Story Museum. For more details on the exhibit, click *here*.

All information in this article were sourced from BBC News and The Story Museum.

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