Fuji Superia (35mm, 200 iso) User-review


There are a lot of reasons why I just love this negative film….

There are a lot of reasons why I just love this negative film….

First of all it is pretty cheap. Secondly you can find it everywhere in every drug store supermarket just everywhere. You can develop it everywhere and it will cost you less.
Sorry I am talking like a real student only about money : )
The real fact why I love this negative film is colors! Beautiful vivid colours! Fantastic contrast! It is just amazing! Sometimes I check it is really was a negative film? Oh no it is slide film, crossed slide film, holy cow, it is Fuji Superia! : )

I tried this film with a lot of different cameras and the most amazing effect i had was when i used it on the wonderful sunny day with the Elikon 535 camera. These photos are just some few examples i shot with this film using Elikon 535, holga 135bc, Lomo Fisheye and Zenith E cameras.

written by mantozauras on 2008-08-05 #gear #35mm #review #colour-negative #superia #fuji


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! I love the first shot!
    I like superia too.
    ps: witch are the Elikon shots?

  2. mantozauras
    mantozauras ·

    Elikon- 5,6,7,8,10
    Zenit E- 1,4
    Fisheye- 2,3
    Holga- 9


  3. magicpocket
    magicpocket ·

    I agree, I think superia is about the best all round negative film. Contrast is nice and colour reproduction is slightly unreal.

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