Top Photo Likers of June 2014

2014-07-05 3

Thousands of new photo uploads mean thousands of new photos to like. Pretty much simple, don’t you think?

But when you are in face of thousands of stunning photographs, it’s hard to fight that urge to click the blue like button. Not that we want you to stop, we just cannot believe how a task as easy as photo liking can transform into a completely insane habit. The numbers made by our Top Photo Likers of June 2014 are strong enough to prove this!

scootiepye (54,095 likes)

Credits: scootiepye

rik041 (27,617 likes)

Credits: rik041

mikeluntzilla (23,434 likes)

Credits: mikeluntzilla

remyleblanc (13,654 likes)

Credits: remyleblanc

tsingtao (13,539 likes)

Credits: tsingtao

yago56 (12,633 likes)

Credits: yago56

tasjarhodes (11,279 likes)

Credits: tasjarhodes

atropaworkshop (9,461 likes)

Credits: atropaworkshop

simonesavo (8,987 likes)

Credits: simonesavo

clownshoes (7,403 likes)

Credits: clownshoes

minchi (7,292 likes)

Credits: minchi

mafiosa (7,167 likes)

Credits: mafiosa

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to our Top Photo Likers of June 2014!

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