Make Your Own DIY String Tripod!


Keeping your shots leveled and steady can be risky business. Luckily, we found a way to do all that with just a length of string and good old fashioned elbow grease and ingenuity!

Long exposure shots are something that most of us here in the community have encountered; and looking for steady objects to prop our trusty film cameras may be a difficult task. Let’s face it, we need tripods for this task but what about convenience and carrying ability? Isn’t dragging a bulky tripod prove to be too burdensome?

To answer those questions – yes, those big and bulky tripods are difficult to drag around everywhere but that doesn’t always have to be the case. We spotted this nifty tipster on how to make your own tripod made of string. For those of you who can’t imagine how the string tripod works, you just step on the string as it is attached to your camera and let the tension be your “resistance” to shake and other unnecessary movements.

Instructables user inspiredwood wowed us with this simple but effective tipster on how to make a string tripod.

Here are what you’ll need to make your own:

  • Rubber band
  • 3 – 3.5 m (12 ft.) length of string. The author suggested you use braided nylon since it works well because is sturdy but light.
  • 40 × 80 mm x 9 mm plywood
  • 1/4 inch 35 mm bolt (1.5 inch)
  • 7 mm trill
  • Jigsaw tool
  • Sanding paper
  • Hammer
  • Lighter
  • Scissors


1. Test the bolt if it fits your camera’s tripod mount. Work your way around the bolt since that’s how you’re going to make the wood casing of your string. After determining the length of the bolt that screws in place, use the template to draw on the plywood for the case.

2. Use the marked template of your case/coiler as the baseline for cutting. Use the jigsaw tool to cut your coiler into shame.

3. Drill a 7 mm hole across the coiler according to the template.

4. Sand the coiler’s edges to give it a smoother finish.

5. Make sure you saw the narrow slits of the string on both sides of the hole.

6. Attach the string to the coiler. Add the bolt to hold the string in place.

7. Cut the string’s ends so that there’s only a few millimeters of it hanging out.

8. Burn the ends of the strings using the lighter to avoid fraying and to seal the hole of the coiler.

That’s it. You just made yourself your own DIY string tripod! Give it a try and show us those steady shots! We told you that you can make do without a bulky tripod.

All information and images used in this article were sourced from Instructables.

written by cheeo on 2014-07-01 #gear #tutorials #diy #tipster #string-tripod

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