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Yes, the Ricoh 35 ZF is a small camera with subdued looks and simple features, but this nifty little shooter has shooting cred that speaks volumes despite its petite size. The Ricoh 35 ZF is an ideal camera for quick street photography — just whip it out and let its focus settings do the work for you.

Ricoh 35 ZF © Ghouston via Wikimedia Commons

The sleek build of the 35 ZF made it a popular choice among casual shooters during its release in the 1970s. Its silent leaf shutter proved to be perfect for incognito shooting while its famed Rikenon lens produced sharp photos on the get-go. Also, the Ricoh 35 ZF sets the exposure for all your 35mm shots with its dependable light meter. Maybe great things do come in small packages.

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Credits: miss_behavin, elisss, colagold, somerseta, pnimann, shha & superlighter

Technical Specifications

Type: 35 mm viewfinder camera
Film: 35 mm
Material: Brushed aluminum and plastic * Lens:* Rikenon 40 mm f/2.8
Focus Range: 0.9 meter to infinity
Viewfinder: Bright finder
Shutter: Leaf shutter, 1/8 – 1/500 sec + Bulb
Aperture: 2.8 -16 and Automatic
Exposure: Automatic with manual aperture selection
Battery: 1.35-volt mercury battery type PX-625
Flash: hot shoe
Dimensions: 110 mm × 71 mm × 56 mm
Weight: 400 grams

All information used in this article were sourced from 3106, Classic Cameras Photography, Camerapedia, and Collection Appareils.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    yes, the ricoh 35zf it's a great camera but I must disagree about the auto focus, the camera is a manual focus, like the LC-A, you have to guess the distance and turn the ring on the lens to set the distance. :)

  2. cheeo
    cheeo ·

    Thanks @superlighter! sorry bout that mix up.

  3. rolandfei
    rolandfei ·

    Does this also do MX with ease?

  4. rafaelruiz
    rafaelruiz ·

    It was one of my firsts cameras but and it can do anything. Manual/Auto. Great lens and compact for in your pocket. Cost me only 6 euro' s at a flea market

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