Photo of the Day by ishifishy

2014-06-30 8

Our beloved Diana F+ makes a cameo in this completely quaint and nostalgic photoshoot by ishifishy!

Credits: ishifishy

We lomographers have always been enamored of expired film because of the unexpected yet often welcomed results that it yields. Take a look at our featured photo by *ishifishy*, for example, which stars our very own Diana F+ and the Yashica 635. Taken to commemorate Film Photography Day this year with her Canon Ftb loaded with an expired roll of Fuji Sensia which was later cross-processed, the resulting photo surprisingly had a sepia, vintagey effect! Ishifishy has an album full of similar photographs, which you may view here.

Congratulations to ishifishy for winning Photo of the Day!

written by chooolss on 2014-06-30 #news #potd


  1. akula
    akula ·

    Congratulations @ishifishy POTD - love the headless portrait.

  2. gepo1303
    gepo1303 ·

    Congratulations @ishifishy. Lomo on! :-)

  3. ishifishy
    ishifishy ·

    Thank you very much :) :) @chooolss @akula @gepo1303 @buckshot @sinema and @akula.

  4. ksears119
    ksears119 ·

    Congratulations! Great photograph.

  5. ravimistry
    ravimistry ·

    Many Congratulations

  6. alex34
    alex34 ·

    @ishifishy well done!

  7. an-y
    an-y ·

    right meeting.O)

  8. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·


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