We're Hitting the 50,000 Mark Soon!


Do you like it? We’re hitting closer to the 50,000-member mark and we need your help! We’re rewarding all our users 5 Piggy Points once we reach this milestone!

Only a few more pushes and we’re finally hitting the 50,000 mark for the Lomography Online Community! Once we reach this magic number, we’re giving out 5 Piggy Points (valued at 5 USD/EUR) for all of our active members to celebrate!

It’s easy to help us out in achieving this great milestone – here’s the simple deets on how:

  • You can start now by forwarding this Blog to a friend who you think might be interested.
  • Login to your Twitter account and tweet about this blog post!
  • Post the blog post on your Facebook profile page or make the move from Lomography Facebook fan to community user now!

Also remember to Like your favourite Photos and help a lucky photo buff win 75 Piggies!

So remember to spread the word about Lomography today and reap wonderful rewards!

written by kazarareta on 2010-04-05 #news #member #piggies #community

One Comment

  1. torium
    torium ·

    So the most liked photos win the piggies... There have been some misunderstandings about that who claims the prize.

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