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Moones are a three piece UK based band making waves in the music world. The keyboard player happens to be the brother of Natasha Khan, better known as Bat For Lashes. We gave them a La Sardina camera and caught up with them for a chat. Read on for the full interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
We’re a band called Moones. Pronounced Moons. We’re London-based and becoming quite well known for making interesting YouTube videos and wonderful music. Laurent from Gallows plays guitar and Tariq (who is Bat for Lashes’ brother) plays keyboard. We sound like a cross between Pet Shop Boys and Pink Floyd apparently. Kind of satirical & weedy yet profound.

What inspires you all to write music?
Fame and power followed by the idea of making positive changes to this feeble planet by leveraging the spiritual and healing powers of music.

What advice would you give to other budding musicians who want to make in in the music industry?
Eliminate fear. Use music as a vehicle to deliver a large slice of you and your personality to the world. Don’t try and be what people want because people don’t tend to know what they want. When something relatively new and fresh hits the shelves people tend to love that more than anything else given a bit of time to get used to it. It’s like pasta. Everyone in the UK hated it at first.

It never works as a long-term thing if you’re trying to copy what else is going on too closely. The key is to put enough of you into the music for it to be unique enough to make some sort of statement. Also you need to enjoy everything that comes with creating a band. Performing, making songs, getting your hair cut like an idiot. If you’re only in love with the idea of being in a band it’s probably best to think again and consider being a chiropractor.

How was it shooting with the La Sardina?
It was quite fun. Kept shooting from too far away though, hence some of the blurry shots but it was nice to have to wind the thing on after every shot and to only have a limited amount of shots. Bit like the old days when Nan and Grandad would let you have a go on their camera.

What is it that you like about analogue photography?

If your photos could have a soundtrack, what would it be? (5 songs, title and artist please)
A Welsh children’s choir would be ample. The Caerphilly Children’s Choir for example. Any of their songs would do, they’re all bonafide hits.

What’s coming up for you this year?
New recordings and some progressive new video concepts in conjunction with YouTube because we signed a funding and partnership deal with them. One of the films was shot in LA at their facility there and is now in post production. Another will involve 24-hour web cams in the flat we live in so look out, you might be able to catch a glimpse of one of us slathered in soap, wearing nothing but a shower cap.

Thanks for taking part in this interview and good luck.

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