The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: Daddy's Day Out Winners Announcement

2014-06-28 3

Take a break from checking your LomoHomes for updates and bond with your Daddy. Give him a tight hug and show him how proud you are to have him as your father!

Credits: saskiaboer

In our last The Lomography Hipshot Showdown, we asked the Community to pay tribute to their super dads. We received a wide mix of entries, from dads making funny faces to dads standing all strict and serious. Nonetheless, it has been a pleasure looking at these heartwarming photographs but here are the three entries that stood out the most:


Credits: chappelow


Credits: yonosoydeaqui


And here are 30 more photographs featuring our awesome dads:

Credits: naiseta, badjuju, atropaworkshop, rianieve, arbi_ph, ndambaek, fram, visiblekarma, alburnkat, 007-0815-styler, clownshoes, franzczech, djramsay, wapclub, zixolalu, kscaramouche, crismiranda, yonosoydeaqui, velvetseahorse, adi_totp, undiscovered, sirio174, aditya-handoyo, dopa, jourdanlynch & eleonorepairet

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you to everyone who joined and see you all in our next The Lomography Hipshot Showdown!

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    selamat jadi honorable mention @rianieve @adi_totp @aditya-handoyo

  2. helledd
    helledd ·

    thank you! :)

  3. chappelow
    chappelow ·

    Excellent, Thank you.

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