Liam Hart’s World of Double Exposures


There are many up-and-coming photographers inspire people to shoot with film, and Liam Hart’s double exposures gives just the right push to get one started snapping the analogue way.

Talent is something that should be used and nurtured. Having a natural eye for aesthetics is a must when it comes to photography, and London-based photographer *Liam Hart's* aesthetic sensibility is evident in his work.

The 20-year old photographer showcases composition skills with his amazing double exposure photography. His photographs are dead-on when it comes to framing; the subject he chooses to shoot are in-sync, first exposure and the second. Hart fills his frames with expertise and it’s refreshing to see that young photographers are still appreciating the film aesthetic, and that they are working on their own craft when it comes to analogue photography.

Images by Liam Hart

Aside from the overlapping lines and images that double exposures tend to have, Hart adds a certain quality to his photographs that make them look and feel ethereal at some point. He certainly appreciates good lighting and it greatly reflects in his style of attentive image making.

You can see more of Liam Hart’s work on his website and Flickr photostream.

All information used in this article were sourced from Liam Hart’s site via I Still Shoot Film.

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