Awesome Albums: 38 by bonifacy_bonifacy


Today’s featured album is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally endearing.

Apart from the impressive quality of the photos, we also praise albums in this series because of the evocative stories that come with them and bonifacy_bonifacy's wonderful album called 38 shows just this.

Looking at the technical side, the pairing of the legendary Lomo LC-A and Ilford Delta 100 worked well in rendering his shots with superb contrast and fine texture. However, what really moved us is the feeling of warmth and love emanating from each of the black and white shots that make up the album. Photos of people displaying affectionate gestures towards each other mix with a couple of still life photographs and experimental double exposures, 38 is truly strong enough to make us tear up a little!

Credits: bonifacy_bonifacy

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The Awesome Albums series is exactly what it says on the tin — it’s a love letter of sorts from the Editors addressed to user-uploaded albums that had caught their eye and had inadvertently fallen in love with. Please understand though, they’re really just here to express their love and nothing more.

written by icequeenubia on 2014-06-27 #news #awesome-albums

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