Then and Now: Peter Essick and His Fascinating Tribute to Ansel Adams


Legendary photographer Ansel Adams created some of the most iconic wilderness photographs in history and it’s no surprise that his work has inspired many photographers to follow suit.

Sweeping landscapes, mighty jagged peaks, majestic scenery – these are but few of the images that made *Ansel Adams* a legend in the eyes of many. Adams was a true master of his craft and his work will forever be influential.

Almost three decades after his death, Adams’ work still resonates with masterful style that is undeniably unique; but National Geographic photographer *Peter Essick* captured the essence of the master’s work in a series of wilderness photographs. Using Adams’ aesthetic but still keeping his photos his own creations, Essick created a stunning series of photographs that pay homage to Adams’ style.

Images by Peter Essick via his site

Each of Essick’s photographs were shot using Adams’ signature zone-system approach and are given the iconic Adams monochrome appeal. Essick created a loving tribute to Adams and his work and even compiled the photos into a photo book titled “The Ansel Adams Wilderness.” Had the great photographer been alive today, he’d probably be more than proud that his images had inspired yet another photographer to create a work of art.

You can click here to see more of Peter Essick’s work.

All information used in this article was sourced from Peter Essick’s site via PetaPixel, and My Modern Met.

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