The Nixon Surf Challenge as Seen by the Riders


Relaxation, laughter and camaraderie were part of the experience of the Nixon Team riders as they became familiar with Lomography cameras. Discover this new episode of their adventure after the jump.

It seems like the Fisheye, the LC-Wide and the La Sardina, had a blast with the riders of the 2014 Nixon Surf Challenge in Russia.

A few funny faces, a few snaps seemingly capturing fun and laughter, and even some pictures of the challenge’s mascot, the team’s labrador ! Discover all the faces of this competition and uncover intimate moments amongst comrades through these photos taken by the riders during the adventure.

A rider’s life might not always look too glamorous, but at least, these photos testify that one can’t get bored in their company even far away, in the middle of the volcanic Kamchatka Peninsula (and that is no small feat) !

The 2014 Nixon Surf Challenge was won by William Aliotti, a surfer from Saint-Martin. The photographic challenge, on the other hand, was a little bit more complicated to evaluate. All the riders did a great job with the cameras ! Anyhow, enough talking, we’ll let you discover the pictures yourself and join the adventurous party along with the ==Nixon==" riders !

Many thanks to Benjamin Sanchis, Eric Rebiere, Marc Lacomare, Marlon Lipke and Jonathan Gonzales for taking these fun pictures !

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translated by lomographyfrance

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