The Adventures of Captain Lomo: Close-up with the Lomo'Instant

The Lomo’Instant is a great tool for preserving those precious moments, but it also does a great job at telling stories of exciting adventures with a close-up lens as an ally, such as those of the small but terrible Captain Lomo.

With a brave heart and determined mind, Captain Lomo set off into the unknown by sailing in the endless sea. His dangerous yet exciting adventures have been all captured with a Lomo'Instant with close-up lens.

When Captain Lomo decided to sail the most dangerous waters, the whole town was shocked.

But with great determination and bravery, out he went to face the unknown.

Adrift in the endless seas, he could only hope for winds and waves to be kind, and to lead him to dry yet prosperous land.

When finally, he found land! The Diana Mini Land comes into view and Captain Lomo prepares to anchor his ship onto shore.

Lo and behold! Behind the Diana Mini Doors was a whole new world with curious vegetation.

Just as the great Captain had just begun to enjoy the plants thriving on Diana Mini Land, members of a native tribe inhabiting the island arrived. They didn’t look friendly at all.

With much force the tribesmen tried to burn the dear Captain. Not wanting to be the tribe’s next meal, the captain shouted for help!

Out of nowhere, a group of pseudo-ninja green men and a monster-size frog came up to the Captain’s rescue.

The enemies were defeated after a long and big battle, but the green battalion lost its most valuable commander.

The journey doesn’t end here, because Captain Lomo decided to set off again after saying goodbye to his helpful green friends. Good luck, Captain!

Is this the last that we’ll ever see of Captain Lomo, or will we see more of his adventures on the magazine? Will he find more adventures in far, uncharted land?

You might already have seen a diverse variety of Lomo’Instant shoots by now, from landscape, portraits, plants and animals to selfies, the fun yet extremely practical cameras demonstrating its amazing faetures time and time again. How about Lomo’Instant shots with a creative twist? The miniature adventures of Captain Lomo, captured by a Lomo’Instant with close-up lens might give you some ideas on how to make the most out of the instant genius.

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written by antheali on 2014-06-26 #lifestyle #adventure #story #instant #creative #journey #news #analogue-lifestyle #lomo-instant

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