Nostalgic Short 'The Last Roll' Documents the End of E6 Processing at Orms

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Just last February, Cape Town’s renowned professional photography store and film processor Orms developed their last rolls of slide film. In “The Last Roll,” Hero AV compiles interviews with the establishment’s owner and E6 technician, as well as the three photographers who captured the last images to create a fitting send off for the E6 process.

Screenshot from “The Last Roll” via Hero AV on Vimeo

For the past few years film photographers have been experiencing one blow after the other in the forms of discontinued films, cameras, and equipment; and shops and labs closing down, to name but a few. Earlier this year, Orms announced its discontinuation of E6 processing, and surely the sentiments of the photographers featured on “The Last Roll” by Hero AV echo those of the rest of the photographic community.

Video via Hero AV on Vimeo

“The Last Roll” runs just under six minutes and features interviews of photographers Koos Van Der Lende, Kent Andreasen, and Robert Martin, as well as of Orms owner Mike Ormrod and the store’s E6 technician Andre Eksteen. All expressed regret and sadness over the end of E6 at Orms, and Van Der Lende, who shoots entirely on film, seemed particularly distraught by this change as he likened it to “getting cold water over myself.” “The Last Roll” also provides glimpses of the shots that the photographers took using their last rolls of slide film.

For his final words, Ekteen simply said, “May film live on forever.” Amid all the changes that has been happening in the world of analogue photography, we really hope that it does, too.

All information in this article were sourced from Orms Connect via Petapixel.

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