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Acidulated and saturated colors, perspective and geometric effects, and retrofuturistic vision make up the hallucinating world of London-based design studio La Boca. Its creative director, Scot Bendall, is a Lomographer. He accepted the challenge to play around with and customize a La Sardina DIY. See his La Sardina creation and illustrations after the jump.

Hi! Please introduce yourself.

Scot Bendall, founder and creative director of La Boca, a design studio specializing in illustration and image making. We’re fortunate to work across many mediums, anything from vinyl record sleeves all the way through to international ad campaigns.

Illustrations from La Boca's website

Tell us about your customization and the materials you used.

The front cover is a collage featuring a silver-foiled image we originally created for a record sleeve. The back features a photograph I took whilst in Tokyo, it’s spirit seemed to sum up the little La Sardina.

Cover and back of La Sardina by La Boca.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Stepping away from the computer and doing something else like taking a walk. Inspiration usually comes when you’re not looking for it.

Whose imagination do you envy?

Mother Nature. Impossible to ever match her skills.

What do you do when you feel uninspired?

The world around us is so rich, I find it impossible to feel uninspired.

Anything you’re ashamed to like?

Katy Perry. shhhh.

An addiction?

Unfortunately I have a very addictive personality and this manifests itself in the various things I can’t help but collect, books, magazines, records, film posters and a rather unhealthy parade of sneakers. Luckily I have a very understanding wife.

If you could say something to your future self, what would you say to him?

Happy now?

Photos taken by Scot with its new La Sardina DIY – Amsterdam May 2014

To follow La Boca’s work check its website and Facebook page..

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