Sweeping Landscapes Taken with the Lomochrome Purple

2014-06-23 7

Soak your nature photographs in varying shades of purple to instantly transform them into surreal landscapes!

Credits: drifter1984, dop, janko-unchained, superlighter, wendyraeann, marauder42, puppettina, servus_salyut, erisin & noe_arteaga

For a surreal analogue experience, make sure to bring a few rolls of the *Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 (35mm)* wherever you and your trusty 35mm camera are headed! Without having to use filters or special developing chemicals, your photographs would be treated to crazy color shifts – perfect for those who are up for a little experimenting! The photos above were sourced from the freshest uploads in the community, taken by our awesome community members.

Want to take photos like these? Head to the Online Shop and stock up on Lomochrome Purple film, which is also available in 120mm format.

Who says film is dead? Lomography’s got its very own emulsions to keep the fire burning! Visit the Shop and see which Lomography film is right for you.

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Wonderful photos @drifter1984 @dop @janko-unchained @superlighter @wendyraeann @marauder42 @puppettina @servus_salyut @erisin @noe_arteaga, thank you for sharing them with us! :)

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    @chooolss thank you!

  3. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    awesome article!! thanks for including my photo with a bunch of other great ones!!

  4. puppettina
    puppettina ·

    @chooolss wooow!!! Thank you! ;-)

  5. erisin
    erisin ·

    @chooolss Thank you :)

  6. wendyraeann
    wendyraeann ·

    @chooolss thank you for including my photo. Great photos everyone!

  7. servus_salyut
    servus_salyut ·

    @chooolss thx :-)
    Love that film.

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