'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Gets Lego-fied

2014-06-22 2

Just how many Lego bricks did it take to create a replica of the setting for the latest Wes Anderson film? About a whopping 50,000, apparently. Check out the final Lego model and the story behind this awesome feat after the jump!

Screenshot via FoxSearchlight on YouTube

Wes Anderson ’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, which opened to cinemas worldwide just a few months ago, was recently released on Blu-ray and DVD, and to celebrate this occasion, a team of nine people led by Ryan Ziegelbauer undertook the task of creating a replica of the setting using Lego bricks! The more than 50,000 “certified Lego bricks” were sourced from collectors and wholesalers from 14 different states in the US, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Germany, and Italy. Meanwhile, the model builders took 575 hours (or almost 24 days!) to build the replica.

See Ziegelbauer and his team in action in the video clip below!

Video via FoxSearchlight

All information in this article were sourced from FoxSearchlight on YouTube via The Daily Dot.

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