LomoWall Your Likes Rumble: An LC-Wide Summer

2014-06-21 7

For all the sun-loving and LC-Wide fanatics out there, get ready to go on a liking frenzy!

June is Lomo LC-A's birthday month which amusingly coincides with the arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. We’ve been giving much attention to this legendary camera and its direct descendant, the Lomo LC-A+, for the past few weeks and we think it’s about time to turn the spotlight on their cousin, the Lomo LC-Wide!

The Lomo LC-Wide is your perfect companion for this warm and sunny season. With its 17mm ultra-wide angle lens, you can take not only sweeping snapshots of the colorful summer scenes but also dazzling group shots with your friends!

To prove just this, we are dedicating this edition of LomoWall Your Likes Rumble to the never ending summer fun brought by the Lomo LC-Wide.

For my entry I only liked lomographs taken at a beach using the Lomo LC-Wide:

You can like whatever Lomo LC-Wide photographs you want as long as they follow our summer theme. Ready? Read on for the details:


1. Start liking Lomographs taken with the LC-Wide and the theme summer in mind. You can use your whole Likes page for the rumble or if not, a minimum of 20 liked Lomographs are required.

2. Done and happy with the LomoWall in your Likes page? Then take a screen shot of it and submit it in our Submissions area below. Just don’t forget to include your LomoHome’s name in your screen shot.

3. One last step is to put the title of your LomoWall Likes entry in the comments section below. This is necessary to confirm your entry. For example, mine is “By the Beach.”

4. You may submit up to three entries.

5. We will pick three (3) of the best looking LomoWall Likes page and we will be giving 15 Piggies for each. This rumble will run for two weeks.

Ready? Start liking those lomographs now!

written by icequeenubia on 2014-06-21 #news #competition #lomowall-your-likes

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  1. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·

    @icequeenubia aah so this is why you liked my photo the other day? haha. thank you! :D

  2. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Jump for LC-Wide Summer Fun! www.lomography.com/magazine/competitions/2014/06/21/lomowal…

  3. simonesavo
    simonesavo ·

    Lc-Wide SubMarine :)

  4. ssamm66
    ssamm66 ·

    LC-Wide Summer Festivals www.lomography.com/homes/ssamm66/photos/19776105

  5. kjleung
    kjleung ·

    LC-Wide Summer Tungsten!

  6. ssamm66
    ssamm66 ·

    Awesome LC-W Summer Festivals www.lomography.com/magazine/competitions/2014/06/21/lomowal…

  7. simonesavo
    simonesavo ·

    @icequeenubia the winners?

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