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Have you ever been curious as to who hides behind their Lomography username? Here’s your chance to see the face behind the name!


Being an online community, matching a face behind the username is usually hard, even if we are a photography oriented group. I’m sure you’ve wondered at least once if a particular user was a boy or a girl! Well, this time around we’re going to help you out! In this gallery, we’ve combined 10 awesome self portraits found in our Photos page to help you know your fellow shooters better, even if just a little bit. Yes, we lomographers are a beautiful lot but NO STALKING! ;P


written by cruzron on 2010-04-22 #news #gallery #lomographer #self-portrait #photos #selection


  1. paramir
    paramir ·

    hello, I am paramir. :)

  2. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    its always good to know the faces behind the names. facebook helps a bit :)

  3. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    so HELLO, i am stephan

  4. elletra
    elletra ·

    my username is my name :D no joke

  5. kdstevens
    kdstevens ·

    Call me Ken.

  6. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    and I'm René =)

  7. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    hello, my real name is Andy Warhol but my friends call me Aurelio

  8. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    hai hello. my name is ripsta

  9. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    @paper_doll oh yeah I agree. :) and Hi, everybody knows me as quaisoir but I really am Shareen. ;)

  10. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    yup.facebook helps a lot .( www.facebook.com/ripstaa )

  11. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Im Lawry the Robot :)

  12. luobodingr
    luobodingr ·

    Hello, my name is Rob and I am a Lomographer.

  13. coca
    coca ·

    Hi all!, my real name is Claudia, but my friends call me Coca

  14. ahleng90
    ahleng90 ·

    wow!wonderful selfpotraits!!!

    btw..my name is farid :D

  15. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    i'm JAY and i'm a lomo addict. :)

  16. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    oh hello -Angela Noel ...Aka angie, ango banjo, ang, gang, spang, ang bo dange, angelicalina, andy, andywa... and the list goes on. buuut... i do love my diana.

  17. amsyarhilman
    amsyarhilman ·

    Hello, I'm Amsyar. Lol :D

  18. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Hello! My name is Joanne :)

  19. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    Magnificent lomographers !

  20. mandi
    mandi ·

    hello, my name is mandi and i have GAS

  21. satomi
    satomi ·

    :D I changed my user name to satomi from sugiyamasatomi half a year ago so it'll be easier for everyone, and I'm glad I did:)) so no one ever has to wonder what my real name is!:D

  22. dogma
    dogma ·

    I used to be called Andrius :)

  23. bongofury
    bongofury ·

    Hi my parents and friends call me Eduardo

  24. emilios
    emilios ·

    Its not that tricky i guess. My name is Emilio and sprockets is my crack!!!!

  25. leocardarelli
    leocardarelli ·

    Hey, Leo here... er.. the one on the left...

  26. kefuwa
    kefuwa ·

    hello, my name is sara ^_^

  27. kokakoo
    kokakoo ·

    Hi, just call me ko!

  28. mr_sid
    mr_sid ·

    Howdy, my name is Johannes

  29. nene_photography
    nene_photography ·

    Hello, my real name is Irene. :)

  30. born-to-ruin
    born-to-ruin ·

    Hey everyone... My real name is Olly. Yeah my parents didnt give me the name born to ruin, theyd be pretty cruel or maybe pretty cool if they had.x

  31. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    hey! my name is Coralie
    btw, beautiful self portraits :D

  32. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    I´m Hugo ;)

  33. erikamentari
    erikamentari ·

    i'm erika
    which always gets confused for "america" when i say it out loud
    so let me rephrase... hello, my name is Erika!

  34. disdis
    disdis ·

    Hi, I'm Diego but even my wife calls me Disdis (I think I cannot change my ID for disdis though I would)

  35. zezefan
    zezefan ·

    My name is Miho!

  36. remi-boiteux
    remi-boiteux ·

    Hello my name is Remi Boiteux. I know my username is a bit tricky.

  37. wherearemysunglasses
    wherearemysunglasses ·

    Hello, my name is... Chelsea
    However, I misplace my sunglasses constantly.

  38. paper_doll
    paper_doll ·

    im ana, by the way. www.facebook.com/apsousa

  39. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    my name is tj.

  40. inakilopezm
    inakilopezm ·

    hey! I'm Iñaki :)

  41. inakilopezm
    inakilopezm ·

    that's ee-nya-kee, btw

  42. dangerousvariable
    dangerousvariable ·

    Hello.... my name is Dangerous Variable

  43. shurly
    shurly ·

    Hello, my name is Shirley

  44. badtzrockz
    badtzrockz ·

    Holla, my name is January. Translate that to french for the real one. :)

  45. xenin
    xenin ·

    hi everyone, i'm adrian... am active passive =)

  46. ceduxi0n
    ceduxi0n ·

    my name is isabel. my friends call me iz.

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