Lomography x Nixon Surf Challenge : Panoramic Pictures of Kamchatka with the Belair Camera


Russia + Belair camera + cross processing development = amazing pictures from another universe. Admire amazing pictures taken by the Nixon surf team with the Lomography camera, the Belair, during the Nixon Surf Challenge 2014.

The Belair camera is not only THE hottie of the Lomographic family, but it also has some unique features that really make the difference. Alex Laurel, shooting for the Nixon team understood it and has taken advantage of this during its trip in the Kamchatka Peninsula, in Russia, to capture the stunning landscapes of these unknown lands. 6 days of surf in extreme and intense conditions and photo albums that make us, adventurers at heart and couch potatoes, dream. Welcome on the lands of the Nixon Surf Challenge 2014!

This series of photos taken with the Belair camera projects us into a completely unknown spatio-temporal framework. From cities to forests, from ocean to roads, contrasts and colors give a special character to these pictures. We particularly like, in this series, the color shifts produced by the cross-processing development used with slide film. But if the cross-processing development is still a unknown fantasy for you or if you simply need a reminder about this development, have a look on this complete guide that will makesyou an expert on the subject! Meanwhile, we let you enjoy Kamchatka.

Belair cameras allows you to shoot 3 different formats — 6×12, 6×6 et 6×9 — while allowing you to enjoy sharp details allowed by the medium format. If you want to learn more about this camera? Visit the Belair microsite. Check out some tests done by users and discover what our dear Lomographers have to say about medium format cameras!

Lomography has teamed up with Nixon for the Nixon Surf Challenge 2014 by lending some cools cameras as well as the Lomography X Zenit Petzval Lens. While surfers of the Nixon team faced the icy waves of the Kamchatka Peninsula, we asked you to show us your interpretation of what “riding life” is a ll about with a photo contest. View the contest entries here and let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves and incredible colors captured by our Lomographers.

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