Haunting Dreams from Childhood by Arthur Tress


There’s be a thin line between reality and imagination, consciousness and sleep, even dreams and nightmares. Photographer Arthur Tress blurs that line with his haunting and intimate photos depicting the darker side of children’s dreams.

A child’s imagination can be home to wonderful sights and happenings. Let them put their imagination into paper and you may get colorful swirls for clouds and candy-colored castles or magical creatures.

Photographer Arthur Tress went beyond those colorful illustrations and dreams and captured the darker side of children’s imaginations on film. Tress worked on a series of photographs showing recurring scenes in children’s dreams. The photographer recreated the dreams of the children he worked with and shot these surreal, often dark scenes that look like they came from a bad dream or even a nightmare.

Images via Juxtapoz

Tress’s work explored the deeper end of the children’s imaginations with each artistic recreation of their prominent dreams. His use of black and white film also adds to the overall dark and haunting characteristics of the photographs. Tress’s photographs were published in 1975 in the form of a book titled “Arthur Tress: The Dream Collector.”

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Juxtapoz.

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