Recap: Lomo'Instant In An Instant


Here’s a quick update on what’s going on with the Lomo’Instant x Kickstarter project so far!

Photo by: Juan Hoyos

In case you missed the news, we’re happy to announce that we have hit the first two stretch goals (set at $350,000 and $500,000). All Lomo’Instant Camera backers were treated to 4 additional color filters and a cool camera strap. So what’s happening next?

Well, we have a new stretch goal! Which means even better rewards! Yay!

Time is running out, so read up on how you can take advantage of great savings and exclusive extras.

New Stretch Goal: $1,000,000

We’re aiming for a million here, dear friends. What’s in it for you? If we hit the $1,000,000 stretch goal we will offer all camera backers for the Lomo’Instant a Close-Up Lens! This lens will allow you to shoot really stunning close-up instants between 10-15 cm. You can find some sample shots here.

We’ve been toying with the idea of a Close-Up Lens for a while, but with your support we can speed up the development process, so that it’s ready to ship with the camera itself. Tell your family, friends and colleagues about it!

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New Lomo’Instant Video

A lot can happen in one day, so we tasked some of our friends from the Lomography team to document a day in their lives. We then compiled their snapshots into this video:

Check out the Day In A Lomo'Instant series, too!

New Lomo’Instant Galleries

And now, for some visual treats …

Photo by Jessica Barthel

Need any more proof how perfect the Lomo'Instant is for spontaneous selfies and creative close-ups? Check out our featured galleries!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the big savings and exclusive treats when you place a pledge. Time is running out, so better back the project now!

The Lomo’Instant is the world’s most creative instant camera sporting a built-in Wide Angle and Portrait and Fisheye lens attachments, 3 shooting modes plus a tripod mount and cable release for advanced shooting. Go light painting with infinite long exposures, have fun with the four color gels and experiment with the unlimited multiple exposures. Back the Lomo’Instant on Kickstarter today to make big savings and head to the microsite for more information!

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