Special Film Stories With Akula

2014-07-11 3

Gregory, known in the community as akula talks about combining story telling, art and magnifying for his film experimentation. Keep reading to find out more!

Photo by akula

Why do you like experimenting with film?

I like to hold the film in my hand, to work the image in a physical way. I love the process and the reveal of the final result on the scanner bed. When I experiment with film my goal is to make the manipulation part of the narrative. The sprocket holes, the grain of the emulsion, the film itself, becomes part of the image I am trying to create.

What’s your wackiest film venture so far?

The “wackiest” or perhaps I should say, the most drastic thing I have done to film is burning it over a candle flame. Conceived as series of shots around the farm, a “film noir” narrative. I took an open flame to a piece of film distorting, stretching, and bending the images producing colour shifts and artifacts along the way. An authentic and permanent distortion, a new aesthetic was burned into the film itself.

Any great film experiments planned for the future?

I want to remove parts of the images in a rough and crude way, scratching away the films emulsion while it is still wet. I have a series of photos in mind inspired by the Storyville portraits by E. J. Bellocq and unrelated paintings my wife did, beautiful faceless portraits where the furniture takes on a role equal to the figures in the image.

Photo by akula

If you could create a new film (no limitations) what would it be?

I would like large format rolls of 8”x10” film, that could be fed through my homemade paint can pinhole camera, or perhaps large format sheet film where the emulsion could be pushed and manipulated in the same way the old Polaroid Time-Zero could be; I want to go big.

Massive cheers to akula!

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  1. neonlights
    neonlights ·

    Hi! I do it too!!! Very funny! Find my cooked pictures on miatlantida.wix.com/experiences

  2. neonlights
    neonlights ·

    Hi! I do it too!!! Very funny! Find my cooked pictures on miatlantida.wix.com/experiences

  3. benbenbenbenben
    benbenbenbenben ·

    Putting exposed rolls in the dishwasher, washing machine, or a bowl full of water+silica gel.

    Film Soup!

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