Midweek Music Video: Days by The Drums


As far as mystery thrillers of recent pasts go, The Drums certainly hits the right spots with the dark and old TV effects with this music video for “Days.” But don’t let that scare you — allow yourself to be entertained by the trippy, youthful sound of this Brooklyn-based band.

Images via Gold Flake Paint UK and The News Philadelphia

A brief wading in the intro of “Days” by *The Drums* and you’re immediately hit with 1980s electro pop tunes that are nothing short of nostalgic. For a band that is fairly young in the music industry, The Drums set themselves apart from the usual poppy noise that we hear on the radio.

Going to the music video, it is evident in the 3D effects that the four minute thirty second number will become a trippy ride to the not so distant past. Showcasing old-style television static and noise as well as blue and red outlines for silhouettes, the music video for “Days” fits the bill for the laid back tune of the songs. As far as effects and visuals go, they easily go well with the band’s indie tones and relaxed approach.

Video via YouTube

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