D.I.Y. Lomography Bead Bracelet


Itching to get some crafting going?Let me tell you how to make a D.I.Y. Lomography bead bracelet!

Bead bracelets have been a long tradition in my hometown of Ukraine; the beadwork tradition appeared in the days of Kievan Rus. The special popularity of jewelry fashioned from beads in Ukraine brought in hippies who called this bracelet “fenka” (the word most likely came from the English word “thing.”) It was not only a piece of jewelery, but also a ritual object, the physical embodiment of friendship, peace and love.

Following this tradition, alexandra_krolikowski and I decided to embody our love for Lomography Society by making bead bracelets.

To create a bracelet, we need:

  • Beads that are red and white in color
  • Fishing line 0.24 – 0.27 mm
  • A tendency to meditative work

Our bracelet made in the square stitch technique which is described here

First I drew a diagram of the figure as shown here:

Next you need patience and meditative work. Do not try to do all the work at once. alexandra_krolikowski weaved the bracelet in a span of seven days.

Fix the bracelet on the arm after finishing. In my case, we fitted it tightly on my arm so it is permanent. :)

As a result, you become the owner of a unique bracelet that you can either wear yourself or as a present to friends and lovers!

Peace and Love!

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