Colorful Flower Ladies with Revolog Kolor and 460 nm films!


I was inspired by the work of Lara Kiosses and her photographs of women and flowers. I just thought they were so beautiful! What is the secret? She lovingly superimposes pictures of flowers and women to obtain surprising and dreamy images.

This project started with a Lomography article about Lara Kiosses that showcases the wonderful work of the Parisian photographer.

Inspired by her work, I looked for amazing color films to try a new project with analogue techniques: multiple exposure! I succumbed to the temptation of getting crazy *Revolog films**Kolor* and *460 nm* to shoot Flower Ladies with my Canon EF. I propose you do not only double exposures but sometimes a triple exposures. I did just that since I tried to add some green and red dots to my images!

Canon EF Revolog Kolor triple exposure

I would like to present you with my project, Flower Ladies and explain to you how I did it with crazy Revolog Kolor and Revolog 460 nm films!

Canon EF, Revolog Kolor film 200 ISO
Canon EF, Revolog 460 nm film 200 ISO

1. First step: buy flowers! Try to choose various species to have a big panel of colors.

2. Next, I tried to check the optimum parameters for diaphragm, speed and light intensity to succeed with the multiple exposure. To do that, I did some tests with the digital camera Olympus OM-D E-M5 with double exposure option. To obtain a clean one, it’s important to be smoothly underexposed for each of both pictures. For an analogue camera, adjust the film sensitivity of your camera to 800 ISO when the film used is for example, 400 ISO.

With a digital camera just activate the “auto gain” button. Look at the first pictures! Unfortunately it was not possible to add artistic effects to double exposure parameters. It’s natural that I turned to Revolog films to obtain fantastic colors!

Olympus OMD-EM5 digital camera double exposure option

3. At the point of this story, I was looking for better color than what a digital camera can provide. And suddenly… I discovered Revolog films and their special effects! This company from Vienna, Austria was made by Michael Krebs et Hanna Pribitzer. They prepared homemade films with various results: Lazer, Rasp, Volvox, Kolor, Texture, 460 nm, 600 nm, Streak, Tesla…

Although I encountered a dilemma, I was so in love with the Volvox effects, that I decided to cumulate green home made dots (like Volvox) and rainbow colors (from Kolor film). Finally, I tried the Revolog Kolor and 460 nm films to obtain rainbow and purple colors respectively.

4. Now, you very well know the protocol for light painting, don’t you? I already explained the process in the article of my blog: Paris in Red and Purple. You can be the boss and decide to make green dots on flowers, just like fireflies.

Canon EF, Revolog Kolor film

This article is inspired by the article Flower Ladies from the blog Analog You!

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