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Alan, known in the Lomography community as aguillem, loves getting creative with film, kaleidoscopes and designing his own camera. Find out more about this master at work!

Photo by aguillem

Why do you like experimenting with film?

Film experimentation gives me many ideas, and every time I try some new technique because I hope for some kind of results, but in reailty they are never predictable so I’m always excited. When it fails I need to try again, and when it works I’m happy. But the awesomeness comes when for some reason it comes out even better than expected… and these reasons are often mistakes!

What’s your wackiest film venture so far

I had a lot of fun with my kaleidoscope (I just published a Tipster about it). Shooting with it was a lot of fun, and I love the results I got so far.

It illustrates well the idea/results relation I explained before, because with this simple idea I expected kind of psychedelic pictures, but I didn’t know how it would react with the camera…

Any great film experiments planned for the future?

I’m designing a camera to build it myself. There would be several masks inside, with possibility to change mask anytime I want without opening the camera. For a better explanation you can check the article I wrote here.

But it’s a big project, so don’t expect to see the results next month!

Photo by aguillem

If you could create a new film (no limitations) what would it be?

Several times I wished I could do a “subtractive multiple exposure”. Normal film is sensitive to light, so a double exposure gives (White+Black=White). If film was sensitive to darkness, it would be (White+Black=Black). It can sound crappy, but I think there would be a lot of possibilities for silhouettes, color combination, etc.

I think this film will never exist, but while explaining it I may have found a workaround: scan two slide films together… I’ll give a try and see if it’s rubbish or awesome!

Photo by aguillem

A mega big thank you to aguillem!

written by hembot on 2014-07-10 #lifestyle #film-experimentation #aguillem

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