Petzval Artist: Viennese Wedding Shoot by Pia Clodi


Wedding photographer Pia Clodi shoots a summer ceremony with the New Petzval Lens. Find out more after the jump!

Name: Pia Clodi
City: Vienna
Country: Austria

Pia! Please tell us a bit yourself

Hi! I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based in the beautiful city of Vienna. I’m an autodidact, photography is actually my second career, but once I got into it, it just didn’t let me go again. I feel very, very blessed to make a living of something that I love & that inspires me to constantly get better.

Why and how did you become a wedding photographer?

I started out doing portraits, but I quickly came to love shooting weddings and that’s what keeps me pretty busy nowadays. Maybe it’s because I love challenges. ;-) One and a half years ago I launched my label peaches & mint – the name comes from a nickname my brother gave me, he calls me Peaches and I felt that Mint was a good match for the pastel tones I love so much. :-) For weddings you have to be very well prepared, make quick decision, have a precise feeling for the story you want to tell and the artistic vision you have in mind. Some people might think of it just as a job, but for me shooting weddings is an artistic expression. About a year ago I started shooting my weddings analogue and ever since I discovered film and it’s unmatched aesthetics, I feel like home. There’s something magic about a real negative, a real photo and I am very glad that my clients appreciate it as much as I do.

What are your favourite kind of weddings to shoot?

Destination weddings! I love traveling and going to foreign countries for weddings is definitely one of the best parts of this job! In the past years I’ve already had assignments in Thailand, The Netherlands or Switzerland and I am really excited that this year Italy, Greece, France and Ireland are on my travel schedule! It’s always special when you have your friends and family come to a beautiful spot to celebrate with you and I feel very lucky to be a part of some extraordinary weddings & to get to capture them on film. Shooting analogue is playing a major part in achieve the timeless, airy look I want for my work. My absolute favorite are outdoor ceremonies & receptions, which are more common in countries with a good chance for a sunny wedding day.

The Petzval, tell us a bit about shooting with it.

Oh it was fun!!! The look of it is amazing, really well-made & as you can tell I absolutely love the analogue feel it’s got. I much prefer the Brass version, it’s just too cool for school! I especially loved how people reacted on it, the guests at the wedding kept asking what it was and were really fascinated by how it works, the aperture slides and focussing wheel etc. It’s probably a bit prominent, but if you like getting people interested in your photography, explain what it is that you do, it’s a great way start a chat! ;-) On the other hand I’d recommend getting the black one, if you’re style is more candid.

Any advice for shooting with the Petzval?

First of all – it has a terribly nice bokeh! I’m shooting mostly with wide open apertures, so of course I first tried the 2.2 and 2.8 apertures that are available. The softness of the bokeh is amazing, but it can be very tricky to get the focus right. I found myself quite happy shooting at f4 in the end, still with a very stunning bokeh and less troubles focussing. All in all – it was super fun to play around with it and try the different aperture plates, yet if you’re under time pressure, like I am at the weddings and you need to get the focus right on the spot, I wouldn’t trust the manual focus of the Petzval. The best results I got was with detail shots of flowers & table decoration, where the bokeh could really shine! And I would love to try it for a portrait session, when there’s less time pressure – I really think it could do an amazing job there and loved what I’ve seen so far from other photographers!

What weddings have you got lined up for this year?

Really, really lovely ones! I’m actually excited about every single wedding weekend this season, lot’s of intimate & destination weddings are lined up for me – two of my favorites to photograph! What I love about weddings in general is that I get to work with people on a very emotional and connected level – capturing memories that will hopefully accompany them for a lifetime is a great honor & responsibility.

What would be your dream place to shoot with the Petzval?

Oh I can think of many places or settings the Petzval could shine at! What inspires me personally the most is nature and the way the Petzval shapes & blurs trees or leaves in the background is really stunning!

A big thanks to Pia!

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