Tipster of the Week: The Young Guns behind the Camera

The endless arguments between the conflict of film and digital photography have subsided during the later part of this decade without having any clear conclusion. It’s a pity, though thinking that the next generation will never know the fact that to make a picture is about burning an image on film and not how much storage capacity you got – and our tipster here took the initiative on teaching the young ones the honest way of snapping photos!

“let me have my camera daddy!”

Hand over Your Camera! submitted by dirklancer

Ndroo shared his cameras+offspring adventures with us a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d share the Dirklancer family version of it.

Here’s my twist on Lomography Rule #4.
Instead of “Try the shot from the hip”, which I think is sometimes used by those control freaks who think they are “letting go”, I suggest “Try the shot from the kid”. That’s right. I said “shot from the kid” You choose the camera, you choose the film, then hand it over. Let go. Free yourself. (I prefer to use children that I co-produced; it keeps me out of trouble with the law.)

I’m not saying this is “art”, there’s nothing particularly beautiful about the images they create, and I don’t think they are trying to communicate some difficult concept…yet. My kids are nearly 4, and 6 (and a half!), minidirklancer is the only kid in his school who knows how to load 35mm, I’m sure. And littlemissdirklancer is catching on to the fact that Daddy’s cameras don’t show the picture on the back. I see this exercise as a educational activity, and I have a bit of hope that I am helping to foster yet another generation of analogue lovers.

I always carry multiple cameras wherever I go. My wife thinks I carry too many, but I usually think I’ve forgotten one or two that I should have brought along, so I’m never without a little beauty that I’m willing to hand over to some eager young hands. Usually a reloaded disposable of some kind or another. (and occasionally a more precious and expensive toy when I’m feeling brave).

I have been attempting to catagorize the types of pictures that the kids take, and I’ve come up with the following groupings so far:

The back seat of the car

Fingers (although I get this myself too often)

Credits: dirklancer

Artsy low angles

Pictures of each other (they won’t sit nice for me, and they’re worse for each other!)

Pictures of each other taking pictures of each other

Credits: dirklancer

Accidental self portraits (is this thing on?)

Pictures of you

The occasional still life of their favorite possessions

Rubber boots and a water pistol, by minidirklancer

But my favorite of all of the “Shoot from the Kid” phenomena are the series of multiple shots of the same thing. Such as this fascinating firepit.

Are you about to take a group picture with one grown up missing because you have no tripod? Change it up a bit – have one of the kids do it!

Family Portraits at the Fountain Paint Pot Trail, by littlemissdirklancer

I also love to take pictures of the offspring with my cameras.

Simultaneous portraits with the LC-A race camera and its friends, by dirklancer and minidirklancer

What kind of wonderful images do you get when you hand over the camera to your little ones?

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