Top Tips For Krab Underwater Case and Fisheye Submarine Users


If it’s your first time to use the Fisheye Submarine Case (with your Fisheye One/Fisheye No.2 cameras) or the Krab Underwater Housing (with your LC-A+ or LC-Wide cameras), you might still feel a liiiiittle bit anxious about taking your favorite cameras underwater. To help ease your worries I gathered some of the most helpful tips, straight from summer-lovin’ Lomographers who braved the waves with their cameras!

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Ok, so maybe it’s your first time or maybe you’re new to this whole thing and wondering if you can shoot analogue photos underwater – using Lomography Cameras. The answer is: you can, but only with certain cameras and accessories.

If you have a Lomo LC-A+ or a Lomo LC-Wide, make sure it’s enclosed in Krab Underwater Housing.

If you have a Fisheye One or a Fisheye No.2, use the Fisheye Submarine Case before submerging in the water.

The Krab and Fisheye Sub accessories will protect your LC-A+/LC-Wide, Fisheye One/Fisheye No.2 cameras and allow shooting up to 20m (65 feet) beneath the water surface.

Now, on to the Tips!

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Tips for Krab Users

“Inserting your LC-A+ inside the Krab is easy, you just have to check if the screw is properly aligned with the Krab advance wheel. Close the Krab and the worst part comes: submerging your dear, expensive LC-A+ underwater for the first time. I think I even screamed, it was an awful sensation! But after you realize the Krab properly protects you camera, you can start playing!” – saidseni

“You can’t change the focal distance of the LC-A+ without opening the case. Therefore, when you’re putting your camera in the case, set it to the distance that you think you will be using most because once you’re in the water you don’t want to have to risk opening the case to change the focal distance.” – ajaxattack

Credits: ajaxattack
  • Use your camera with 200 or 400 ISO film when shooting underwater
  • Use Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 ISO film for great colors and sharpness
  • Don’t clean your Krab with chemicals; use only tap water
  • Before use, be sure that the front of the Krab is clean so that your photos stay extra sharp. If not wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Keep your Krab in the box it came with when you’re not using it! When you’re at the beach keep it wrapped in a clean and soft towel. – lucretia

“To make some interesting (self) portraits, try to put your LC-A+ with the Krab half in and half out of the water, or go under and point to your subject that is out of the water.” – dakota-

Tips for Fisheye Sub Users

Credits: vicuna

“Underwater photography tip: Remember to switch on your flash at all times, best times to take in the rule book is when there’s lots of sunlight from above, always try to take macro shots and most importantly, take the shot from a bottom angle for the light to illuminate through.” – venusattack

  • Remember to rinse the casing with tap water to remove the pool chlorine or the sea salt, and leave to dry in the air, not with a towel, to avoid scratches.
  • When getting home, it’s advisable to remove the black rubber that makes it airtight and wash with water and soap the casing and rubber separately. This way we’ll remove any hint of dirt that could have been trapped between the rubber and the casing, which could damage it. Remember the casing comes with a spare rubber. – mochilis

See? There’s nothing to worry about! Keep these tips in mind and have a fantastic summer, Lomographers!

Credits: susielomovitz

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