Monday Moodboard: On Composition with Henry Wessel


Just how do you transform vision into stunning imagery? Tear a page right off veteran photographer Henry Wessel’s book of photography techniques after the jump.

Henry Wessel is indeed a man of impeccable style when it comes to photographing the trail that man leaves behind. From a photo of an ice signage in the middle of a barren wasteland to a photo of empty chairs, Wessel’s photography speaks volumes even if his subjects look as quiet as they can be.

One of the key factors in the overall impact of Wessel’s photographs is composition. Each image he produces is structured and intricate. The small details in his photographs combine to construct a bigger, more refined picture.

Images by Henry Wessel via Juxtapoz, Pace Magill Gallery, and TIME Lightbox

Precision is also something that you can notice in Wessel’s photographs. His photographs toy around with exposure; each snap is the perfect combination of light and dark. As far as monochromes go, Wessel’s photographs are masterfully created with an eye for detail and precision that only a skilled photographer can produce.

All information and photos used in this article were sourced from Juxtapoz, Pace Magill Gallery, and TIME Lightbox.

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