Garry Winogrand Retrospective to Open at NYC's The Met


The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is set to open an exhibition of works by renowned American photographer, the late Garry Winogrand, for close to three months beginning June 27.

Photo by Garry Winogrand (Metropolitan Museum of Art) via Complex

The exhibit, titled “Garry Winogrand,” is said to be the first retrospective of the photographer’s work in 25 years. More than 175 photographs taken by Winogrand between the ’50s and the early ’80s, both iconic and unseen, will be showcased, providing “a rigorous overview of [his] complete working life and reveals for the first the the full sweep of his career,” as stated in a press release.

Photos by Garry Winogrand (Metropolitan Museum of Art) via Complex

Three parts make up the “Garry Winogrand” exhibit. First is “Down from the Bronx,” which includes photographs Winogrand took in his native New York when he began his career in 1950 until 1971; second, “A Student of America,” which is comprised of photos taken in the same period as above but during his trips outside New York; and lastly, “Boom and Bust,” a collection of his late work taken between 1971, when he moved away from New York, and 1984, the year of his sudden death. The last part also includes photos taken in locations across the United States of America, including Texas, Southern California, Chicago, Washington, and Miami.

“Garry Winogrand” runs from June 27 until September 21, 2014.

All information in this article were sourced from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, where you can read further details about the exhibit as well as an overview of Garry Winogrand’s career in photography, via Complex.

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