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If you want to spend a weekend near the sea but do not want to restrict yourself to the usual routine consisting of the hotel and the beach, I recommend taking a trip to Cesena and Cesenatico, two towns located on the Adriatic coast of central Italy. I did mine by combining sunbathing and cultural excursions.This was documented with my trusty Lomo LC-A. Have a look!

If you are in near Bologna in Italy, you can take the motorway going to Rimini, a famous seaside city located on the Adriatic Sea. After 90 kilometers take the exit going to Cesena, an interesting town situated a few kilometeres away from the sea. Its historical center is surrounded by walls and includes various churches and buildings of great historical and artistic interest. In particular you can visit the Malatestian Library here, built in the middle of the 15th century. It was the first Italian public library, recognized by the UNESCO in its World Heritage register.

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In these hot days, of course you can combine cultural visits with a nice sunbath. In this case, if you continue driving towards the east for other 15 kilometers, you will reach the beautiful seaside town of Cesenatico.

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Here you can find many sun beds waiting for you to take your first sunbath of the season, a long and wide beach of fine sand for a nice walk, a beautiful sea to swim in, and a play area for the kids! However, it is not only this that I want to show you. In fact, the historical center of Cesenatico is situated along a picturesque river channel!

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Here you’ll find lots of different shops and excellent fish restaurants!

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Cesenatico is home to the the excellent Naval Museum, the only floating museum in Italy which exhibits many unique boats with their colorful sails!

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These boats were used by the local fishermen in the Adriatic Sea. The museum was founded in 1983 and today, after a long work that lasted for more than 30 years, it is the pride of this small seaside town. It’s worth a visit, don’t miss it!

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