The Lomo LC-A-to-Z: C for ‘Cram together’

2014-06-15 1

What does ‘cram together’ mean in the Lomo LC-A-to-Z? Watch and learn after the jump.

If you’ve watched the Lomo LC-A-to-Z video you’ve probably gone through the lessons taught by Professor Lomo van Graphy.

Today we focus on the letter ’C’. “C’ is for ’cram together’ which essentially means that you can invite as many friends to have a picture taken with the LC-A with you, as long as you can all fit inside the frame.

Credits: dakadev_pui, achmad-magabutz, boobert, waggrad00, istionojr, anarchy, bulletofmine, iidiko & badjuju

Watch and learn the Lomo LC-Alphabet:

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  1. sirio174
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    great series!

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