The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: Multiframe Portraits Winners Announcement

2014-06-14 3

We’re sure you’ll be taking out your multilens cameras for a quick photoshoot with your friends and family after seeing these portraits.

Credits: yokekei

Four, eight, or nine frames in just one click of a button (or a tug of a ripcord) entail a new analogue territory that is fun to explore and be artistic in. Our last Hipshot Showdown just proved how one can instantly create a portrait with that distinct and quirky pop art vibe with the help of our very own multilens cameras.

All the entries sure caught our keen eyes but here are the three multiframe portraits that stood out the most:


Credits: foxy-katze


Credits: tabbymenace


Credits: mingkie

And here’s a gallery of 30 more portraits made more fun and artsy by our multilens cameras for everyone to enjoy:

Credits: cocaneonkamerasutra, wapclub, maria_vlachou, tallgrrlrocks, g4rrick, tabbymenace, sinema, grad, gauthierdumonde, jancimusic, yokekei, grrrrrr, chalchiuhtlicue, wennyfoo, neja, simonesavo, nacarilegea, gm_mcleod, fafascinado, daitita, alienmeatsack, mary-eloise, elvismartinezsmith, kscaramouche & djramsay

Congratulations to all our winners! Thank you to everyone who joined and see you all in our next The Lomography Hipshot Showdown!

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  1. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    Congratulations! @foxy-katze, @tabbymenace, @mingkie

  2. mingkie
    mingkie ·

    thank you, @icequeenubia :)

  3. tabbymenace
    tabbymenace ·

    Thank you, @icequeennubia! :)

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