Hong Kong Cuisine As Seen Through the Petzval Lens


Antoine Pai and Louis-Francois Hicter are the two men behind Maison Carnot, a visual content agency in Hong Kong. Ever passionate about images, they brought the Petzval lens with them while roaming the restaurants around the city and created a video simply yet aptly titled “FOOD FOOD FOOD.”

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Hi! Please introduce yourselves.

We are partners - Louis-François Hicter aka Coco and myself Antoine Pai. We simply had the idea of starting a small visual communication agency. Our passion is to produce and direct all sorts of visual content for companies that need it. We both have quite singular backgrounds. Coco is the member of a big farmers’ family. He’s passionate about image and experienced different fields of activities. As for me, I lived for 10 years in Taïwan, I got to travel a lot, and two years ago I felt into the world of advertising.

You are French, why did you decide to set up in Hong Kong? Do you find this city fascinating? Do you find it particularly interesting, visually?

We came to see what this city had to offer. It’s a place that is visually very impressive; we find a bit of chaos, and some aesthetics nonsense, for instance the pipes which are outside the buildings. In some places, you can feel like you’re in a city of futuristic rebels, like in the Matrix. It’s a really lively city, with an undeniable sense of business.

Do you think there is a culture of food there?

Yes! Hong Honk is a very cosmopolitan city, with people from all horizons, and therefore food and cuisine from all over.

Are there local specialties that you found weird?

People in Hong Kong are fond of a very stinky dried oyster. I have to admit that we didn’t venture so much into these local specialties.

Do you have good addresses in Hong Kong to share with us?

For those who like dimsum, Din Tai Fung is the preference. For a total immersion in the Chinese world, Wan Chai’s food court is a fascinating place. Nha Trang is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant, not to be missed!

What do you think of the Petzval lens?

The first reaction we had was simply: “wow”. We have the impression of having a gold bullion rather than a lens. It’s nicely done and pretty, and once it’s on the camera, you have a beautiful kit in your hands. The focus on the side of the lens is similar to focus systems used for filming. It’s unique to use this technique with photography. Unfortunately, we couldn’t play with the strong bokeh effect of the lens since we used an adapter ring for our camera.

Do you have any advice for people who would be using it for the first time?

Take it with you as much as you can, and try new things. You must be patient, and have fun.

Thanks for sharing!

To discover more videos by Antoine and Coco, check out their website..

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