A Sunday in Riva


I usually spend my weekends with my friends but on this particular weekend, I decided to spend it with my family. My father thought we should spend the weekend in a quiet place, so he took us to Riva.

Riva is the name of a village on the Black Sea. In Greek, Riva means “waterside settlement,” and that’s true – all the houses face the Riva river.

We hit the road early in the morning. Our journey started at Üsküdar, which is also in Riva. It wasn’t the first time I went to Riva, but it was the first time that I brought my camera with me there. Riva is full of foliage so I could not wait to take pictures.

We’ve also moved away from the smell of exhaust when we got to Riva. There were trees and greenery everywhere.

The Riva creek was perfect. Fish were jumping from the creek but I did not get to take their photos.

The morning sun was indispensable. The river whetted my appetite, so I started eating like crazy. Breakfast is also excellent if taken in picnic areas; the Anatolia breeze is wonderful.

There are river boats on the creek or stream. You can rent pedal boats to navigate through it.

After breakfast, I thought I’d explore and do a little sightseeing, so I began to travel around.

Everyone was very friendly. Aunties were selling firewood bread along the roadside; that was my favorite part of this trip. The edge of the creek was very quiet, you can hear only the wind and the birds chirping.

Picnic areas are also fun. The creaky old swings made things very pleasant.

written by bitchscream on 2014-06-19 #places #lake #35mm #family #stream #location #translation #riva
translated by mylifelikeshitt

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