Justin Quinnell’s Awfulogrammes Exhibit Ongoing


Pinhole photography enthusiasts from Bristol, England are invited to witness the Awfulogrammes exhibition.

Justin Quinnell. Image via Pinhole Photography

Who wouldn’t know pinhole wizard Justin Quinnell? The pinhole photography master has built quite a reputation from being able to create a camera out of practically anything, from soda cans and laundry baskets, to somebody else mouth.

Quinnell devised Awfulogrammes, a pinhole photography technique that lets you take photos using a soda or beer can. As opposed to Instagram that has filters to help enhance images, Quinnell’s Awfulogrammes, are ultra close up, wide angle shots that distort the appearance of the subjects. Not even the prettiest face would appear traditionally appealing in an Awfulogramme. While such images may not be flattering, they are – in a grotesque way – rather entertaining.
The Awfulogramme exhibition is ongoing at the Bear Pit Open Gallery in Bristol England. Older images are being replaced by more recent, better quality, unseen ones. The exhibit is open all day.

Awfulogrammes by Justin Quinnell
May 20th to September 2014
Bear Pit Open Gallery
James Barton Roundabout (East Tunnel)
Bristol BS1 3LT

written by Jill Tan Radovan on 2014-06-12 #news #people #justin-quinnell #awfulgrammes #exhibit

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