Lusitania Bridge


Just for the superb beauty of this bridge, Mérida, Spain, deserves a visit. By day or night, it is a delicious vision for aesthetic sensibility. For sure lomographers will love it.

In Mérida, Spain, a 2000 year old Roman bridge, La Akazaba, over the Guadiana river, served both motor and foot traffic. Now, besides La Akazaba, there are three bridges more, but without doubt the most relevant is Lusitania bridge, which is a marvellous structure, beautifully designed and constructed, finished in 1991. La Akazaba serves now foot traffic only. Lusitania bridge both motor and foot traffic. As it is said in, "the arch of the bridge lies between the two roadways, supporting them centrally.

The weight of the dual roadways balances the structure, with the pedestrian pathway lying along the central support girder". These are the bridge dimensions: length 160.3 m (526 ft), max span 189 m (620 ft), arc height 32 m (105 ft). Just for this bridge’s superb beauty, Mérida deserves a visit. By day or night, it is a delicious vision for aesthetic sensibility. For sure lomographers will love it. This amazing structure was created by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect, born in Valencia, Spain, on July 28, 1951. His work is huge and so beautiful, bridges and buildings spread on Earth’s surface, precious gems. If you want to have a glimpse of it, it is easy to find it on the web.

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    great photos

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    u captured different angles and mood of the architecture, Nice!

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    great gallery! one can see you really like this bridge :).

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    An architectural beauty and marvelous shots!

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    Hooo... When I saw the title, I thought 'oh yeah I've seen his super shots'... But seeing the gallery I understood I had missed a lot of them ! Fantastic gallery !!!

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    awesome shots! makes me wish i more bridges in los angeles...... :(

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    thanks so much for all your comments! really nice!

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