Found: My Long-Lost First Film Roll

2014-06-11 1

For years I believed that I already lost these images. But a couple of nights ago I found them again purely by accident while sorting out old college photos that I’ve backed up some time ago.

The story of how I “lost” them isn’t all dramatic, really, but more of careless methods of storing things. You see, I’ve always had the couple of CDs that the photo lab where I usually had my photos developed sent back. The one containing the images from my first roll was already corrupted so I thought they were really gone for good. I was bummed. I completely forgot about saving them in another DVD along with the other files from my Photos folder, labeled only as “Pictures.” But then came last Sunday night, when a couple of my college friends and I had a bout of nostalgia and started digging through our respective storage devices for funny photos that we’ve taken before. Of course, I’ve learned my lesson by now!

So, anyway, just what sort of photos did I take the first time I handled an SLR? Well, nothing breathtaking, really. But then again, like a typical analogue first-timer, I distinctly remember being so eager to finish the entire roll and see the outcome immediately so I just randomly took photos; I didn’t even venture any farther than the front of our home! Anyway, these were taken around 2007, 2008, with a hand-me-down Minolta α-7700i (which, unfortunately, isn’t functioning now).

And so without further ado, here are some of my very first film photographs! I only have these to show you since some shots were repetitive, while the rest were really blurred. My personal favorite in this bunch is the photo of the TV antenna, mostly because of the colors and the flare.

Credits: chooolss

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  1. beblo
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    Parang Maynila, ang dating ng mga larawan mo.*@:-)

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