15 Memorable Stories Behind Lomo LC-A Snapshots (#5 Will Make You Swoon!)

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Because it’s the Lomo LC-A’s 30th anniversary, we scoured the archives to look for interesting stories behind some LC-A shots. Take a look at what we found after the jump!

Credits: imnotgic

“My first time to try shooting using an underwater camera, then reloading the same film to my Lomo LC-A+.” – imnotgic

Credits: superlighter

“Napoli. Three days to discover one of the most incredible Italian metropolis are just not enough, you can only scratch the surface of this amazing place full of history and traditions. But three days are also enough to fall in love with it.” – superlighter

Credits: wil6ka

“My guide told me i got to got to a public bath in Seoul, otherwise you haven´t really been to Korea. The other thing they mentioned was eating kimchi, but this will be another story, because i worry about your stomach. As every Korean from young to old is taking public bath in jakuzas, spas and saunas and so on, there are consequently a lot of them. I chose the one that suited me best: in the former world cup stadium!

There you strip naked, as far as i understood it. You don´t have to take towels, they will be supplied to you everywhere. You also get an orange „suit“ a shirt and shorts, but stay naked! We went into the bath and saw the multitude of naked Korean men taking showers, going to saunas and jump into very hot bath and cold ones. Nobody is putting anything in front of his balls, which yet used to. It is quite a family thing. So older lads and mini koreans are there all the same. You have to get used to the pictures but it is quite fun. And of course you are the monkey to be watched, since you look different to the others. When you want to relax at a dry place you will have to jump into the orange suit. There is a huge area for gaming, taking massages and reading." – wil6ka

Credits: boobert

“A lunch break quickie, eat and shoot with renenob in Binondo (Manila Chinatown). ’Twas tasty, short and wet! As we got rained down while Lomo-walking! LOL.” – boobert

Credits: reneg88

“On the first of January, 2012 I loaded my LC-A+ and started snapping away whenever I would go out to do something fun.” – reneg88

Credits: werriston

“The short story is: I met a girl whilst holidaying in New York — a cocktail waitress at a bar I sometimes visit when I’m there — and left her a ridiculous tip along with my number, expecting never to hear from her. As it turns out, I did hear from her. Five minutes after I left the bar. With only two more nights left in New York (before moving on to Chicago and LA, then back to Australia) I convinced her to meet me for a drink, the night before I was due to fly out, at a bar in the East Village at 2:30 in the morning — she works late, you see. We drank Scotch and talked until dawn, and I walked her to a subway station, and she went home. There was a little kissing in there somewhere, too. Or a lot. And it was hard to see her walk away.

The next morning I flew to Chicago as planned, knowing that reason would soon prevail and I would stop entertaining the impossible thought of returning to New York to see her — a girl I’d spent a total of two and a half hours with. I had meetings set up in LA, after all. Reason did not prevail. Or perhaps it did.

Twenty-four hours after arriving at O’Hare, I cancelled my flights to LA and booked a ticket back to JFK. I called to tell her. She told me I was crazy. I am, I suppose. Nonetheless, we spent four perfect days in Brooklyn together before I had to leave, and now I am back in the US, wandering around Williamsburg holding her hand, and finally getting around to those LA meetings. She’s coming to Australia in two weeks, for the first time. These pictures are from my crazy, impulsive return trip to New York in May. Sometimes crazy is good." -werriston

Credits: bugs

“When I finally got my LC-A, I thought that by just pointing the camera on something and hitting the release button I will also have a photo bag full of photographic rainbows and unicorns like the ones I saw on the Lomography website.

I got really surprised when I got my first roll back. It was more of a bag of blurry, shaky photos, different from the Lomographic glory I expected. But, there was one picture, still blurred like the others, that stood out. It is a night shot I took in front of a snack bar with an advertising illuminated by blue light. This light painted the pavement with the same blue color.

This is a picture that I could have never taken with my old auto focus camera. Looking at it made me realize, that although the other pictures were totally not what I expected, I am on the right way and that using the camera is all about light." – bugs

Credits: i_am_four-eyes

“Taken before my DIY Fisheye (toilet roll) was thrown to the trash can.” – i_am_four_eyes

Photo by: fotobes

“I shot this on the street. It was the first time that I had asked a stranger if I could take their picture, and it gave me the confidence to do this more often. The image encapsulates my enjoyment of taking photographs of the little things around us that often pass unnoticed. Plus, it demonstrates how the grain, saturated colors, and contrast of cross-processed slide film kick-ass!” – fotobes

Photo by: faaabii

“I visited my hometown Straubing and enjoyed the first springlike weekend walking around at old and new places, e.g. the civic center and the oldest graveyard of bavaria. The film is double-exposure cross-processed Fuji Sensia ISO 200 with shooting color gradients from my computer screen first.” – faaabii

Credits: saidseni

“This film was shot, developed and scanned all by myself. And I managed to ruined it in every step! * The story starts with an invitation of my friend to shoot some BW film at night so he could teach me to develop later. It was a very unusual and nice Saturday night, strolling along the river with a tripod and a bottle of great wine, meeting people without enter a single bar. * I love this picture. It was in the middle of two totally ruined pictures by my skills at self-developing… this is why analog photography rocks! :)” – saidseni

Credits: grazie

“Before Chicago, my journey started with a 42 hour train ride aboard Amtrak”s Southwest Chief. The train ride passed through 8 states and I spent two nights there. I also spent Thanksgiving on the train- it was a bit sad to be far from family on that day but it was nice spending it with strangers, fellow travelers and hearing their stories. I did not take as many photos as I planned coz sometimes you get caught in the moment that you simply forget." -grazie

Credits: mingkie

“For 2 days, I traveled in Yeongwol, Ganwon-doprovince with one of my best friends.I realized again that there are so many good places to go and see in my nation, Korea before go outside, so, I decided to trip once a month from now on.” – mingkie

Credits: backforbreakfast

“One of the famous Lomo Safaris of the Parisian Lomo-Society! We went to the Centre Pompidou, which had an exhibition of the french director Michel Gondry at that time – an interactive and fantastic experience. Great afternoon!!!” – backforbreakfast

Credits: elvismartinezsmith

“Manu. A 5 years old kid we got to spend 2 weeks with in Africa. This little fellow was deeply shy and intimidated with me during many days. But when he saw me shooting with my many Lomo cameras he became insanely and instantly interested in trying them all. I can imagine what a precious treasure it would be for him to get a LC-A+ Russian Day… Definitely an artistic calling.” – elvismartinezsmith

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