Summer Hot Spots: L'ile Vierge is a Nature Paradise


L’ile Vierge (The Virgin Island) is a peninsula on one of the headlands of another peninsula. You can already imagine how isolated it is and how the natural beauty of this coast was kept.

I’m from Brittany in the northeast area of France, and about two years ago I moved to Italy. Last summer I spent the holidays in Brittany with my Italian girlfriend. I wanted to show her some great landscapes, so we went to L’ile vierge.

Now, let’s go together!

Take a walk

The place is full of very small pathways. It’s so pleasant to walk along the seaside, looking at the turquoise water, cliffs, and wild vegetation.

Credits: aguillem

The beach

There you will find a small beach, but to reach it you will need to go down the cliff. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a professional mountain climber (the photo makes it seem harder than it actually is).
Be aware that it’s a shingle beach, so laying down under the sun isn’t as nice as it might look. But what’s the problem? Just be sure to have enough film to keep shooting all day!

Credits: aguillem

The rocks

The whole place is full of rocks and cliffs, but I recommend going until the very end of the peninsula, where this piece of rock appears as if it’s coming out of the earth. It really looks like you’re in a fantasy movie set!

Photo by aguillem

How to get there

You will need a bit of patience and a pair of good shoes. No, there is no airport next to the beach. Actually, the closest highway is 300 kilometers away – I told you it’s isolated, and that’s why it’s so nice!

Once you are in Brittany (this region in northeastern France, remember?), you can go the Crozon peninsula by car, train or bus. Then drive until you reach the village of Saint-Hernot. It’s six kilometers away from the city of Crozon. There are nice countryside roads, so you can also go by bike. You can park at the Maison des Minéraux (House of the Minerals) museum.

Put your trekking boots on, now we go by foot. Follow the pathway behind the museum, and after about one kilometer, we can finally admire the view!

Satellite pictures from
From the album Holga 120 CFN // Lomography CN 400 // Haribo
From the album Spinner 360 // Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 // L'ile vierge 1
From the album Holga 120 CFN // Fuji Velvia 100F //Pinky Velvia in my Holga
From the album Spinner 360 // Kodak Ektachrome E200 // L'ile vierge 2
From the album BELOMO Agat 18K // Kodak Elitechrome EBX // Half frame on the peninsula

What about you? Have you ever been to L’ile Vierge? Or maybe in another natural wonder? In any case, let us see your pictures and help us plan our own summer holidays!

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