Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla

When visiting Sevilla, there is a place that I think you shouldn’t miss. It is not often mentioned in tourist guides, but I found it to be a highlight of the city: The Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo.

Credits: saidseni

In October 2013, I decided to go to Sevilla for a five-day trip with a friend. We made the decision after finding out that it is cheaper to travel from Lisbon to Sevilla than it is to travel to other parts of Portugal, as strange as it may seem. For years I wanted to visit this town, and it looked like a cool place for a small break.

Once in Sevilla, we did all the touristy things we could: we visited the Real Alcázares, climbed the Giralda tower, had a walk in Triana, and even visited the now-almost abandoned old site of the World Expo 1992. It was near this last location where probably my favorite place in Sevilla is located – the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC).

The CAAC is located in the Monasterio de La Cartuja (Carthusian Monastery), a monastery built in the year 1400 and was bought in the 19th century by an English businessman who converted it into a pottery factory. The architecture of the complex combines both reconstructed parts of the old monastery and the chimneys of the Pickman ceramic factory.

Monasterio de La Cartuja.
Pickman ceramic factory’s chimneys.

I think we did the visit backwards since we started in the gardens, and only in the end did we enter the building. There are art pieces everywhere, both inside and outside. You can enter the garden for free, but you have to pay to see the exhibitions inside the building.

One of my favorite pieces can be found outside, in the gardens. It is called the “Cortina de perlas negras” (Black pearls curtain), and it was made by the German artist Olaf Nicolai.

“Cortina de perlas negras,” 2004, Olaf Nicolai.

Another piece that caught my attention just before entering the building was “Alicia” by Cristina Lucas. Who doesn’t love Alice?

“Alicia,” 2009, Cristina Lucas.

Finally, we saw many exhibitions inside. We spent a whole afternoon at the CAAC and enjoyed every minute of it. One of the pieces that I really liked is luckily available for all of us to see on Youtube – The Flashmob Rumba Rave “Banquero” by Flo6x8. You can check out the original video *here* and the one with English subtitles *here*. I spent the rest of my days in Sevilla singing, “banquero, banquero, banquero…”!

If you are visiting Sevilla, you shouldn’t miss this great contemporary art center. I assure you, it will be a day well spent.

Credits: saidseni

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