Happenings on Film: My Students Assembling a Konstruktor


My city of Como hosts a series of nice events this season. One of these is Creativity Day, where the upper schools show their project at the main square of the pedestrian area. This year, my students have assembled a Lomography Konstruktor at the main square of the city! Take a look after the jump!

Every year, the upper schools of Como have the opportunity to show their creative projects at the main square of the historical center. On the last Friday of May, my students were at the Cathedral Square with an unusual project: building a Konstruktor. They are students of a technical school with specializations in mechanics, electronics and electrotechnology, computer science, and construction. Here you can see a remote-controlled mini car and some magic games shown at the square by the students of my school.

Credits: sirio174

My students specialize in electrotechnology. We decided to spread a little “Lomolove” in the city!

Credits: sirio174

We are the konstructors (Noi siamo i konstruktori in Italian!). At our stand we hung two posters, one that illustrated what Lomography is and another of the 10 Golden Rules. You can see them on the right side of the photo above!

Credits: sirio174

On a personal computer we showed some videos illustrating the various stages of the assembly.

Credits: sirio174

Many students, intrigued by our project, inched closer to our booth! On the table and around the gazebo we placed some photos taken with Lomography cameras, along with the Lomo LC-A book!

Credits: sirio174

With calm and patience, we finished the job in about 90 minutes.

Credits: sirio174

Here you can see the last stage – personalizing with the decorative self-adhesive strips!

What about you, what are you waiting for? Build your own Konstruktor, it’s a very entertaining experience! Spread the Lomolove with us! Lomo on!

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