Kentmere Black and White Film (400 iso, 35mm) User-Review


Can we say, “bargain?” How about, “a whole lot of bang for the buck?” That is exactly what you’ll get when you try out Kentmere Black and White film! I have used the 400 ISO speed film which is available in the Lomography online store for an incredible five Dollars/Euros/Pounds. I’ve also seen it in camera shops in America for even less! This is now a mainstay in my camera bag and thanks to its great price and high quality, it will be there for a long time.

I first tried this film on the advice of a friend. He told me that Kentmere film had really great contrasts and would give my shots a nice grainy quality. I bought a roll, loaded it into my Minolta, and started shooting. I took advantage of sunny days, indoor lighting from a window, and low light as well. I was so pleased when I saw the results because the Kentmere 400 film worked well in all these settings.

Later, I got a comment on one of these shots here on that mentioned how the film had a certain film noir quality. It really does. The blacks are deep and rich while the film gives you a wide range of gray tones. Thanks to the grain of the film, whites or lighter shades look natural and not too flat. It captures texture as if it were a slower film and works perfectly for anything that you want to examine closely with your lens. The starkness of the film can be moody but, on the other hand, Kentmere can become bright and cheerful depending on your subject matter.

So, my Lomographic friends, buy up several rolls of this so-called “bargain” film and watch as your shots will appear nothing less than “luxurious.”

written by sarahboat on 2010-05-11 #gear #film #black-and-white #35mm #review #minolta #400-iso #kentmere


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    kinda has a sepia tone to it, cool gallery!

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