Exciting New Stretch Goal Announced for the Lomo'Instant Kickstarter Project!


We are very excited to announce a new Kickstarter stretch goal for the Lomo’Instant! Come on in to find out more …

The Lomo'Instant has received overwhelming support since its launch on Kickstarter and we are so proud to be working on this exciting project! So far we have made it past the $750,000 mark and don’t forget, thanks to your support, we have also already hit our first two stretch goals for the project (set at $350,000 and $500,000). This means that all Lomo’Instant camera backers will already get 4 additional color filters (colors to be chosen by a Kickstarter vote soon) and a camera strap (we will also ask for your help on the design by doing a Kickstarter vote on the options). And now we are proposing a new stretch goal: the big 1 million mark and a Lomo’Instant Close-Up Lens!

We have been working on the idea of a close-up lens for the camera for a while, but with the support from Kickstarter we can fast-track the development process to have it ready in time for delivery with the camera itself! If you pledged for the Lomo’Instant camera only, you will get this 1 lens additionally if we hit the goal: if you pledged for the Lomo’Instant camera with the 2 additional lenses (Portrait and Fisheye), you will get this lens on top if we hit the goal, so you can shoot 4 types of different instant photos!

With this lens, you’ll be able to shoot ridiculously cool instant snaps at a focusing distance of 10cm-15cm; using a fixed aperture of f/16. The lens clips on to the wide-angle lens which comes attached to the Lomo’Instant (unfortunately it is not compatible with the other attachable lenses). It will be incredibly simple to use and we already have a couple of sample photos (taken using an early prototype) that we would love to share with you today.

To help this exciting new stretch goal become a reality, please back the project on Kickstarter today!

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written by hembot on 2014-06-06 #news

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