Blue is the Hue: Fuji T64 Pro (120, 64 iso) User-Review


The Fuji T64 Pro will twist your synapses with its nice blue hues and burst of contrast. Despite the low ISO I find that it does work well everywhere, indoors or outdoors, both in natural light and artificial lighting conditions.

The Fuji T64 Pro will twist your synapses of your visual cortex, crack your skull and blow up whatever else there is left. Each and every one of your picture will be glaced with the nicest blue and burst with contrast.

Despite the low ISO of 64, it works everywhere indoors and outdoors, with natural light and artificial light. If used for portraits or indoors, and with artifical light, it’ll give you amazing results. Doubles work great too. This film is worth every cent of its high costs, will give you great joy and lots of room to experiment. if it is too strong, then you are too weak.

written by vimalakirti on 2010-06-24 #gear #blue #120 #review #tungsten #slide-film #64-iso #t64 #fuji #holga

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  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    Great film review. I just shot with a bunch of kodak 64t with almost the same results. Nice pictures too

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